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Journey Classes

Journey Classes

Connect Class

Steps to Connect

This 4 week class will connect you to the life of Church on the Rock.

  • Church Family: Introducing you to the ministry of COTR. You will discover who we are and how you can get connected.
  • Foundations: Exploring the spiritual disciplines necessary for an effective Christian life.
  • Discovery: Discovering your spiritual gifts and learning how God combines them with your passions to be used in ministry.
  • Dream Team: Positioning you in an area of ministry where you can begin to serve.

Spirit Filled Life Class

This 4 week class will teach you how real friendship with the Holy Spirit can change your life and how to live in the Spirit on a daily basis.

  • Who Is This Person?
    What Is This Person Like?
  • The Grand Entry
    The Power Transfer
  • The Giver of Gifts
    The Language of Friendship
  • The God You Need to Know